Toyo Tires Proxes STIII 305/35R24 112W XL BSW

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Brand: Toyo
Model: Proxes STIII
Size: 305/35R24
Load/Speed: 112W
UTQG: 500 A A
Warranty: 40,000 Miles
Part#: D2GO-Toyo-247450

A highway tire designed for SUVs and light trucks, the Proxes STIII delivers superb wet and dry handling. The tire's impressive tread life is indicative of Toyo's dedication to providing value for money. A dynamic, directional all-season tread design makes for a distinct arrowhead center rib. The arrowhead tapers reinforce the center rib, adding stability and increases the block stiffness, making for a more comfortable straight-line driving experience. Lightning grooves and deep, dense siping help with water removal and grip on wet surfaces. Multi-wave sipes show up in this tire as well, showing that it's a core design element in Toyo's tires. These sipes improve the tread life by ensuring even wear across the tires. This improvement translates into having to replace your tires far less often than with other models. If you need an all-season tire that performs well in wet and dry conditions, but you aren't too concerned about harsh winter conditions, the Proxes STIII is a perfect match for your needs.

The Proxes STIII is formulated with an all season, silica enhanced tread compound that lowers rolling resistance while maximizing wet traction capabilities. This compound forms into a highly directional tread design with arrowhead tapers that maximize block stiffness and enhance lateral tracking. Directional shoulder blocks improve ride stability and braking performance while the offset design reduces road noise. This tire is equipped with multi-wave sipes that combat irregular wear as well as to reduce excess noise. Internally, the Proxes STIII is reinforced with a rigid bead filler and a jointless bead wire that optimize handling responsiveness. This tire is further protected with a stiff casing that further decreases rolling resistance and amplifies handling. A set of twin steel belts pitch in to reinforce the tire while also bolstering comfort levels and stability during acceleration.

Southeast Asia has always had a healthy competition among its manufacturing markets. Toyo was established in 1945 in the wake of the Second World War to develop the Japanese rubber tire industry and hopefully compete with Korea's already established brands. Toyo managed this successfully, setting up the first distribution point for a Japanese tire manufacturer in the United States in 1966. Since this time, Toyo has shifted its focus from everyday tires into high-performance and rugged, all-terrain brands that focus on off-roading. Unfortunately, the brand's focus on these markets has neglected the passenger car sector. This focus allows the company to produce more attuned tires for a particular market sector at the expense of losing a portion of the market to other manufacturers. Toyo does produce superior tires for SUVs, light trucks, and crossovers. The tires are built with quality in mind and have an affordable price point that most drivers can afford. The company believes in efficiency, and to that end, its R&D department has made massive strides. The most recent innovation of nano Balance tires offers superior fuel efficiency in larger vehicles, something unique to that sector of the market. Toyo is a well-known brand in some circles, but most regular drivers might not even recognize the brand name. Maybe it's time you looked into exploring what this brand could offer your crossover, SUV, or light truck?

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ModelProxes STIII
Load Rating112
Speed RatingW
Warranty40,000 Miles
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