Hankook Tires Kinergy PT H737 235/40R19 96V XL BSW

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Brand: Hankook
Model: Kinergy PT H737
Size: 235/40R19
Load/Speed: 96V
UTQG: 800 A A
Warranty: 90000
Part#: D2GO-HT-1025084

In a car, tires have a unique place in ensuring the safety of passengers. Hankook paid particular attention to this ideal when they crafted the Kinergy PT H737. A passenger vehicle tire, the Kinergy PT H737 offers all-season safety. More than that, it's got a superb wear record, letting you drive for longer before having to replace your tires. Part of that comes from the tire's optimized block stiffness. Stiffer blocks mean better handling, but it also means more even wear across the blocks. The result is a tire with a mileage that surprises most drivers. The tire also comes with an easy-to-use siping system that helps to verify tire alignment. Low rolling resistance means lower wear and tear on the tire itself. The Kinergy PT H737 manages this by using high structure and small particle size carbon chemically integrated into the tire's construction. Better external stiffness ensures that there's much more accurate cornering and better handling in dry conditions. A block that connects to the tie-bar of the lateral groove improves braking performance significantly. Wide out-grooves give better wet-condition grip by clearing more water from in front of the treads. The wide lateral track also helps to avoid hydroplaning, improving the tire's wet-condition performance. If you're in the market for a passenger vehicle tire that offers excellent performance and is more durable than the average offerings, the Kinergy PT H737 might be your best candidate

Hankook Tire Company has gone through many changes and rebrandings in its time as a tire manufacturer. Founded in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company, they were the first-ever tire manufacturers in Korea. The Korean War disrupted production for a time, but the company bounced back, taking on a broad rebranding effort that saw every department put in their best work. The result is a tire company that started forging its own identity across the world. Today, Hankook's tires are among the most recognizable in North America, Europe, and its home region of Asia. It maintains a healthy rivalry with other major tire companies that keep it striving for better performance. The beneficiaries of this in-depth research and development are the consumers. Hankook's development team has been instrumental in developing new technology such as iFlex, which allowed a vehicle to travel at high speeds without using air for tire inflation. With its technological edge allowing it to provide tires that other manufacturers are still trying to catch up to, Hankook's tires may be on the wheels of the future. If you've never used a Hankook tire, you might be missing out on an outstanding balance of value, performance, and affordability. There's no better time to experiment with these Korean-made tires than now.

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ModelKinergy PT H737
Load Rating96
Speed RatingV
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