Continental Tires ProContact RX 205/55R16 91H BSW

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Brand: Continental
Model: ProContact RX
Size: 205/55R16
Load/Speed: 91H
Warranty: 45000
Part#: D2GO-15570670000

Continent’s ProContact RX is perfectly balanced when it comes to performance and comfort. These tires have it all: traction in dry and wet conditions, superb handling, robust construction, better grip, more control, less noise, and better fuel efficiency. The sophisticated appearance of these tires is merely a prelude to the features that they have to offer; their tread design is not merely for looks but instead serves to maintain optimal traction on all surfaces including wet roads where the tread grooves direct water away from the contact area and thus keep the tires firmly gripped with the surface. This also means that the driver will enjoy greater control over the vehicle while driving across both dry and wet surfaces. Being compatible with all seasons, these tires are perfect performers year-round. The iconic ContiSealTM technology ensures that in the case of a puncture, the tires can seal up the puncture hole in most cases. This means that even if the object that caused the puncture gets dislodged, the tire will be able to fill up the hole using sealants present underneath the surface. Lastly, these tires have a noise reduction feature that minimizes disturbance during the tread and thus allows them to deliver a truly comfortable ride.

Continental AG is the fourth largest manufacturer of tires in the world. First established in 1871, the company has been innovating since its inception. Their goals have always been to build a sustainable, viable way for regular people to get around. While they have a great line of grand touring tires, they have a soft spot for the average family driver. Their current tire models cover all sorts of conditions and span both on-road and off-road varieties. Continental's approach is to give the consumer enough choice to find a tire that suits their work and play. So far, this approach seems to be working. Continental has been pushing the envelope for decades in its tire construction and engineering feats. The company's firsts include the first tubeless tire to be manufactured in Europe in 1955 and the first winter tires, which entered the market in 1952. Today's Continental tires come with even more advanced technology. The proprietary ContiSense and ContiAdapt propose that tires monitor themselves and let the driver know when issues arise. While these technologies aren't up for consumer purchase just yet, it's only a matter of time before it gets there. Until now, we'll just have to make do with the concept cars that boast these brilliant innovations.

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ModelProContact RX
Load Rating91
Speed RatingH
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