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Firestone Tires Transforce HT 245/75R17 118R  BSW - FIRESTONE-233007
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Designed to take on the most severe applications with ease, the Transforce HT by Firestone is an all season highway tire with excellent traction and handling. This robust tire is develoepd for use on SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles. In addition to its excellent driving performance, the Transforce HT ensures enhanced comfort levels with reduced noise.

The Transforce HT is engineered with a rugged, all season tread compound that utilizes a Long Link Carbon compound to deliver extended tread life and consistent, year round traction. This compound forms a symmetric tread pattern with a continuous center rib that amplifies steering responsiveness and stability when accelerating. This tire is equipped with four circumferential grooves that expel water away from the tire to enhance wet traction. Notched shoulders and intermediate tread blocks amplify cornering capabilities on wet and dry roads. Firestone's 5-degree noise reduction technology minimizes road noise to enhance ride quality. Internally, the Transforce HT is equipped with a polyester cord body that improves comfort levels and nylon reinforced steel belts that increase force and durability.

Firestone is a brand imprint of Bridgestone Tires. In the early days of the company's history, in 1900, it focused primarily on passenger tire manufacture. The company is famous for inventing the world's first non-skid tread. The innovation and pioneering spirit that went into this innovation is seen today in Firestone's tires, although their focus has changed somewhat. Today's Firestone tires cover a wide range of products but put a lot of emphasis on their performance tires. Cutting-edge technology has enabled the company to develop several parallel lines of tires alongside their parent company Bridgestone that do well among buyers. Firestone has a reputation for developing tires that are durable and dependable. Optimized tire structure and tread allow for better fuel consumption on the road. The company's dedication to racing tires carries over into its passenger production line. Everyday drivers can experience the technological advances that the company has made in their daily lives. Never before has a company married the performance aspect of their research and development like Firestone. Their value proposition is a unique one in this slice of the market. While they're still a subsidiary of another company, the tires stand out as impressive on their own.

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ModelTransforce HT
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