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Cooper Tires Discoverer EnduraMax 245/60R18 105H XL  BSW
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Discoverer EnduraMax Tires

The Discoverer EnduraMax is an all-season SUV that comes with 60,000-mile tread-wear protection. These tires are ideal for rough city streets and gravel roads. They are made with the durability demanded by a premium off-road tire to offer perfect all-terrain drive. Due to their unique build, these tires are ideal for severe weather traction and guarantee a smooth and quiet ride. The Discoverer EnduraMax comes with the iconic Durable Tread TechnologyTM which guards against chips and cuts in the tread. The construction is similar to protecting all-terrain and off-road tires from severe damage on ravel and rough tracks. Cooper knows that traditional all-season tires are worn out mainly due to rough roads. Therefore they offer the unique Discoverer EnduraMax that is designed to deal with the problem. The Discoverer EnduraMax also has internal steel belts that are generally known as Armor Belt Technology. They come directly from Cooper’s off-road tire technology. These belts contribute to the necessary core strength of the tire. Here you will also find the unique Endurguard Design that helps maintain tire shape on the most rigorous tracks and protect certain types of tire damage resulting from excessive deformation. These tires are meant to appease top priority drivers looking for a comfortable and quiet drive on any road.

Over a century ago, brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart bought a tire company in Akron, Ohio. In 1914, rubber and tires seemed like a good business to invest in, but the founders never expected that their tires would be considered some of the best on the market today. By the year 2000, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Ltd. had over sixty manufacturing facilities in over thirteen international locales. Their success continued, when in 2013, they got a contract to offer Original Equipment (OE) to the Ford Motor Company for two of their models. Cooper tires carry a reputation with them that the company strives to maintain. The company remains the thirteenth largest tire manufacturer globally, supplying diverse markets in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, in addition to the US and Canada. While they focus primarily on passenger tires and light vehicle tires, that doesn't mean they don't offer something for all customer types. However, their technological advancements in the field of customer comfort in passenger vehicles are on par with the industry leaders. In some cases, they even surpass the leaders in the industry. The company's ability to understand what customers like in their tires allows them to consistently outpace their competitors. Cooper focuses on providing value to its customers - a value it upholds to this very day.

More Information

ModelDiscoverer EnduraMax
Load Rating105
Speed RatingH
Warranty60,000 Miles

Available Sizes

Tire SizePart NoLoad RatingSpeed RatingUTQG RatingWarrantyPer TireDetailsAdd To Cart
245/60R18D2GO-CT-90000036876105H640 A A60,000 Miles
225/55R17D2GO-CT-9000003686597H640 A A60,000 Miles
225/50R17D2GO-CT-9000003672698V640 A A60,000 Miles
215/70R16D2GO-CT-90000036738100H640 A A60,000 Miles
235/55R17D2GO-CT-9000003686899H640 A A60,000 Miles
245/65R17D2GO-CT-90000036871107H640 A A60,000 Miles
225/60R16D2GO-CT-9000003673398H640 A A60,000 Miles
215/65R17D2GO-CT-9000003686499H640 A A60000
235/60R16D2GO-CT-90000036736100H640 A A60000
235/55R19D2GO-CT-90000036877105H640 A A60,000 Miles
235/55R20D2GO-CT-90000036878102H640 A A60,000 Miles
245/50R20D2GO-CT-90000037272102V640 A A60000
235/60R18D2GO-CT-90000036875107H640 A A60,000 Miles
235/50R18D2GO-CT-9000003674097V640 A A60,000 Miles
225/60R18D2GO-CT-90000036874100H640 A A60,000 Miles
225/55R18D2GO-CT-90000036873102H640 A A60,000 Miles
235/55R18D2GO-CT-90000036742104V640 A A60,000 Miles
225/65R17D2GO-CT-90000036867102H640 A A60,000 Miles
215/55R18D2GO-CT-9000003687295H640 A A60,000 Miles
235/65R17D2GO-CT-90000036870104H640 A A60,000 Miles
235/60R17D2GO-CT-90000036869102H640 A A60,000 Miles
215/55R17D2GO-CT-9000003672494V640 A A60,000 Miles
235/70R16D2GO-CT-90000036739106H640 A A60,000 Miles
215/65R16D2GO-CT-9000003673298H640 A A60,000 Miles
205/70R16D2GO-CT-9000003655997H640 A A60000
225/70R16D2GO-CT-90000036735103H640 A A60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/50R19D2GO-CT-9000003731299H640 A A60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/40R19D2GO-CT-9000003674196V640 A A60000
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225/55R19D2GO-CT-9000003727399V640 A A60000
Out of stock
225/45R18D2GO-CT-9000003672895V640 A A60000
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