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BFGoodrich Tires Advantage T/A Sport 245/55R18 103V  BSW
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The Advantage T/A Sport features unparalleled weather-defying features all year round. This all-purpose design offers not only perfect handling in all weathers and on all surfaces (including wet ones) but also affords users with enhanced mileage life. These outstandingly designed tires can handle all situations and fit perfectly for all purposes. And when we mentioned all-weather, we also meant that these tires are suited for wet surfaces too, so much so that the braking efficiency is 12% better than that of leading competitors in the market, and they handle 15% better in the snow and 15% more efficiently on dry surfaces than competing products. The numerous biting edges created by the iconic Locking 3-D Active Sipe Technology featured in these tires allow for enhanced traction across all surfaces, be they wet, dry, or snow-covered. As with similar products launched by BFGoodrich, the Advantage T/A Sport also features a silica-infused chemical structure that makes it last through all seasons and preserves the perfect grip throughout. The exclusive Aqua-Flume™ Technology makes a comeback here, directing water away from the gripping surfaces and thus maintaining perfect traction. The tire also offers agile handling, a consistent footprint shape, and optimal functioning at high speeds and while cornering. Superior traction, perfect grip, all-weather functioning, and enhanced durability – the perfect combination!

BF Goodrich's Advantage T/A Sport is composed with an all-season tread and a symmetrical pattern that combats irregular wear. A continuous center rib ensures reliable road contact for a confident ride. BF Goodrich's Next Generation Equal tension Containment System improves handling and stability in high speed environments. 3-D Active Sipe Technology generates additional biting edges for excellent winter traction while a full-depth tread further enhances traction. Backed by a 70,000 mile warranty, the Advantage T/A Sport is a class leading tire built for everyday drivers seeking enhanced performance.

BF Goodrich has a lot of history behind it, which is reflected in its tire design. Initially founded by Benjamin Franklin Goodrich in 1870, the company has seen its share of ups and downs over the years. Yet, one thing remains certain - their tires are still of the highest quality. Recent tech advancements have made Goodrich tires comfortable and durable, outlasting many other major competitors. We should expect that dedication to innovation from the company responsible for the first radial tires manufactured in the United States. The company continues to push the envelope in its offerings to clients. Recently, BF Goodrich was awarded the Silver Stevie award in the 2021 American Business Awards. They've invested heavily into technology, launching a new app that would help consumers find off-road trails that they can explore. While their primary market is off-roaders who own light trucks and SUVs, they also manufacture superior passenger vehicle tires. Using the same technology in their off-road models, these tires give consistently high performance. The Goodrich name has cultivated quite a following over the years, but the tire hasn't stayed stagnant in all this time. With each new tire they release, the company pushes the envelope for what comfort and style in a tire should be.

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ModelAdvantage T/A Sport
Load Rating103
Speed RatingV
Warranty60,000 Miles

Available Sizes

Tire SizePart NoLoad RatingSpeed RatingUTQG RatingWarrantyPer TireDetailsAdd To Cart
245/55R18D2GO-BFG-78864103V600AA60,000 Miles
225/60R18D2GO-BFG-10753100V600AA60,000 Miles
265/60R17D2GO-BFG-88590108V600AA60,000 Miles
215/55R16D2GO-BFG-3546697H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/65R16D2GO-BFG-1076498T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
195/65R15D2GO-BFG-1268791H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/60R16D2GO-BFG-167698H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/60R16D2GO-BFG-19046100T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/65R15D2GO-BFG-2177794H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/60R17D2GO-BFG-24390102H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/50R18D2GO-BFG-2707695T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/60R16D2GO-BFG-2865698T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/55R17D2GO-BFG-2925799H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/60R17D2GO-BFG-2938096H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/60R16D2GO-BFG-294195V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/65R16D2GO-BFG-30294100T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
195/60R15D2GO-BFG-311088H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/60R16D2GO-BFG-3451192H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/60R17D2GO-BFG-35308102T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/50R17D2GO-BFG-3688294V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/55R17D2GO-BFG-3913694V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/60R16D2GO-BFG-4560292V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/60R16D2GO-BFG-501295T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
185/65R15D2GO-BFG-5118788H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/65R15D2GO-BFG-5513394T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
195/60R15D2GO-BFG-6658288T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/55R17D2GO-BFG-7045394H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/50R17D2GO-BFG-7211194T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/60R17D2GO-BFG-7213996T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/60R15D2GO-BFG-8662691H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/55R16D2GO-BFG-897991H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
195/65R15D2GO-BFG-946091T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/60R16D2GO-BFG-9698495H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
185/65R15D2GO-BFG-9855988T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/50R17D2GO-BFG-4006193V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/45R18D2GO-BFG-5870995V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/45R17D2GO-BFG-4862797H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/45R18D2GO-BFG-3869398V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
205/65R16D2GO-BFG-2279795H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
215/55R18D2GO-BFG-8564695H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/45R17D2GO-BFG-6723291H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
225/60R18D2GO-BFG-16685100H600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/55R18D2GO-BFG-10044100T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
Out of stock
195/55R15D2GO-BFG-305485V600AA60,000 Miles
Out of stock
235/65R16D2GO-BFG-7312103T660AA70,000 Miles
Out of stock
195/55R16D2GO-BFG-2537587V600 A A60,000 Miles
Out of stock