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Accelera Tires A/T 70 235/70R15 103S  BSW
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The A/T 70 by Accelera is a robust, all terrain tire named after the size of its sidewall (70). Constructed to complement Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs, this tire excels on rugged off road applications. The A/T 70 powers through rubble, debris, and road abrasions on irregular terrains in order to deliver exceptional traction and longer service life for the off road warrior.

Accelera's A/T 70 is designed for aggressive off roading performance while maintaining premium ride comfort. This robust tire is engineered with a ribbed tread pattern to promote controllability and stability. Individual tread compounds improve grip in all terrains. The tread also functions to eject debris from the tire for a safe ride. The A/T 70 performs well in all weather with exceptional traction capabilities. This tire also maintains incredible ride comfort and minimal noise levels. The staggered tread blocks distribute sound through the tire footprint for a confident, comfortable ride.

Since 1996, Accelera has been manufacturing affordable tires for passenger cars (such as CUVs, SUVs, and 4x4s) and light trucks. However, this brand is particularly notable for its superior performance tire line. Accelera prioritizes performance, elegance, and safety in order to deliver a high quality tire that excels on a variety of applications. Accelera's in-house technology ensures class leading performance capabilities including traction, grip, and tread life for total confidence on the road. Whether you're seeking a long lasting touring tire or a powerful performance tire, Accelera's expansive line-up is sure to have a product that meets your needs.

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ModelA/T 70
Load Rating103
Speed RatingS

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