Atturo Tires Trail Blade X/T 275/45R22 112H XL BSW - ATT-ATR76GKBAFA

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Brand: Atturo
Model: Trail Blade X/T
Size: 275/45R22
Load/Speed: 112H
Warranty: 45,000 Miles

The Trail Blade X/T is a versatile, multi terrain tire that is the result of a collaboration with Quartermaster Knives. This tire delivers aggressive off road performance power while simultaneously maintaining optimal on road comfort. Whether you're driving an SUV, CUV, or pickup truck, the Trail Blade X/T is sure to take your ride to the next level.

The Trail Blade X/T is formulated with a wear resistant tread compound that forms into an optimized tread compound with broad shoulder blocks and a high void. These features work with each other in order to ensure powerful traction in off road settings while enhancing on road performance on the streets. This tire features a knife blade patterned sidewall, inspired by Quartermaster Knives QTR-3's knife blade and handle styling. This sidewall is not only impressively attractive, but it also amplifies traction on rugged terrains. The Trail Blade X/T is equipped with a built in rim protector that protects the tire and wheels from curbing abrasions for a safe, confident ride.

Established in 2009, Atturo Tire is a private, aftermarket tire manufacturer that aims to produce affordable, high performance tires for the SUV and light truck segment. This brand is regarded as one of the first companies that offer staggered sizes for performance tires other than OE manufacturers. Atturo has collaborated with reputable tire manufacturer to produce their popular Trail Blade and AZ line ups. In addition to their performance tire range, Atturo offers winter, touring, and comemrcial tires.

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ModelTrail Blade X/T
Load Rating112
Speed RatingH
Warranty45,000 Miles
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