Atturo Tires Trail Blade M/T 265/75R16 LT 123/120Q E BSW

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Brand: Atturo
Model: Trail Blade M/T
Size: 265/75R16
Load/Speed: 123Q
Part#: D2GO-Att-ATRI0040888

Mud tires are often considered a luxury due to their high prices. Atturo's Trail Blade M/T is an addordable alternative to high priced mud terrain tires. This rugged tire is specially formulated to ensure uniform ride quality as well as providing superior off road performance. The Trail Blade M/T not only delivers powerful performance but is also stabilized to withstand intense off road abuse.

The Trail Blade M/T is formulated with a wear resistant tread compound that amplifies durability and driving force to tackle rugged off road conditions. The shoulder treads are equipped with stone ejectors that are designed in between the shoulder treads in order to swiftly expel debris and amplify traction. Scalloped shoulder blocks in varying sizes promote lateral traction on dirt, sand, and other looser terrains. This tire features beveled center tread blocks that eliminate road noise and maximize grip. The Trail Blade M/T is equipped with staggered shoulder blocks that ensure resilient lateral grip during turning applications for a confident, all terrain ride!

Established in 2009, Atturo Tire is a private, aftermarket tire manufacturer that aims to produce affordable, high performance tires for the SUV and light truck segment. This brand is regarded as one of the first companies that offer staggered sizes for performance tires other than OE manufacturers. Atturo has collaborated with reputable tire manufacturer to produce their popular Trail Blade and AZ line ups. In addition to their performance tire range, Atturo offers winter, touring, and comemrcial tires.

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ModelTrail Blade M/T
Load Rating123
Speed RatingQ
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