Americus Tires R601 245/70R17 110H BSW

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Brand: Americus
Model: Recon CUV R601
Size: 245/70R17
Load/Speed: 110H

As the name suggests, the Recon CUB R601 by Americus is an all season touring tire engineered for use on CUVs and SUVs. This tire is equipped with an optimized terad pattern in order to ensure excellent traction and water evacuation across a multitude of terrains. Whether you're traveling across swift highway roads or wet and wintery terrains, the Recon CUV R601 is the perfect chocie for your road adventures.

The R601 is engineered with an all season compound that enhances grip in dry, wet, and even wintry settings. This compound, which maintains its elasticity in various settings, forms into a symmetric tread pattern with high density sipes that bolster wet traction. The sipes generate extra biting edges in order to improve grip and safety on wet roads. A set of circumferential grooves expel water and slush away from the footprint in order to combat hydroplaning risks and maintain steady rubber to road contact. This tire is equipped with an optimized contact patch that amplifies steering responsiveness as well as to encourage even wear. The R601 features an optimal pitch sequence with a curved sipe pattern that minimizes road and tread pattern noise for a comfortable, quiet ride.

Developed as a subsidiary brand of American Omni Trading (AOT), Americus Tires offers a wide range of passenger, light truck, performance, touring, and commercial tires for the American driver. Americus tires are designed to provide excellent value and high performance for a reasonable price. Each Americus tire is engineered in contemporary manufacturing factories with advanced tire knowledge and technology.

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ModelRecon CUV R601
Load Rating110
Speed RatingH
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