Accelera Tires Iota ST68 245/30ZR22 92W XL BSW

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Brand: Accelera
Model: Iota ST68
Size: 245/30ZR22
Load/Speed: 92W
Warranty: 35,000 Miles
Part#: D2GO-ACCELERA-1200034475

Designed as the successor to Accelera's Iota tire, the Iota ST68 is a powerful all season tire developed for SUVs and light trucks. This contemporary tire offers high performance capabilities such as enhanced comfort levels and longer tire life. For a reliable tire that lasts throughout the seasons, the Accelera's Iota ST68 is an excellent choice.

Accelera's Iota ST68 tire is the modernized version of Accelera's Iota tire. This tire feature primary grooves that clear water from the tire's surface area to counter hydroplaning risks. The Iota ST688 utilizes innovative exclamation-shaped sipes that break down thin water layers and further counter hydroplaning. Three connected block lanes promote directional stability and steering responsiveness. This tire is optimized for premium ride comfort and extended tire life. Backed by road hazard protection and a mileage warranty, the Iota ST68 is built to last.

Since 1996, Accelera has been manufacturing affordable tires for passenger cars (such as CUVs, SUVs, and 4x4s) and light trucks. However, this brand is particularly notable for its superior performance tire line. Accelera prioritizes performance, elegance, and safety in order to deliver a high quality tire that excels on a variety of applications. Accelera's in-house technology ensures class leading performance capabilities including traction, grip, and tread life for total confidence on the road. Whether you're seeking a long lasting touring tire or a powerful performance tire, Accelera's expansive line-up is sure to have a product that meets your needs.

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ModelIota ST68
Load Rating92
Speed RatingW
Warranty35,000 Miles
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