Accelera Tires Eco Plush 225/60ZR16 102W BSW

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Brand: Accelera
Model: Eco Plush
Size: 225/60ZR16
Load/Speed: 102W
Part#: D2GO-ACCELERA-1200042547

Named after its highly coveted performance features, Accelera's Eco Plush tire offers premium comfort levels and environmentally-friendly performance. This reliable tire is optimized for passenger cars and offers daily drivers the comfort and driving power they need. The Eco Plush tire is constructed with powerful performance features that provide a versatile, long lasting ride.

Accelera's Eco Plush tire is a reliable, comfort maximizing tire built for everyday drivers. The Eco Plush features three primary ribs that reduce noise and optimize grip. Furthermore, a main groove coupled with smaller, diagonal grooves promote water expelling properties to improve wet handling and traction. Center ribs with adaptive sipes increase rolling, braking and traction capabilities while accelerating for a confident ride. The Eco Plush is the ideal tire choice for drivers seeking a comfortable, high performance ride that is also wall friendly.

Since 1996, Accelera has been manufacturing affordable tires for passenger cars (such as CUVs, SUVs, and 4x4s) and light trucks. However, this brand is particularly notable for its superior performance tire line. Accelera prioritizes performance, elegance, and safety in order to deliver a high quality tire that excels on a variety of applications. Accelera's in-house technology ensures class leading performance capabilities including traction, grip, and tread life for total confidence on the road. Whether you're seeking a long lasting touring tire or a powerful performance tire, Accelera's expansive line-up is sure to have a product that meets your needs.

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ModelEco Plush
Load Rating102
Speed RatingW
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